Desk Top Cabinet, Three Draws, Two Doors

I am not sure what to call this cabinet. I believe that it is C. 1840s, Empire or perhaps, Biedermeier. It is 13-1/2' tall, the base is 12' wide and 8-3/4' deep. Behind the two doors are three drawers. The entire piece except the bottom and back is covered in walnut burl veneer. I cannot find a single nail.

The draws are finely made with hand cut dovetails, champhered bottoms and the original brass pulls. The slots in the screws are off center, i.e. hand cut. Each draw is 8-3/4' by 3-1/2' by 6' deep.

Even the inside of the doors are walnut veneer. The brass is all original, the hinges, the latch in the left door and the lock in the right door. The key has broken off in the lock and I can not turn it. Again, the slots in the srews are off center.

I am also fascinated by what appears to be schrapnel in the left end of the cabinet. I have included a closeup where you can see bits of metal embedded in the surface. What a story that could tell!!!

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