Veteranary Quack Medicine, Condition Powders

Superior Condition Powders, Andrews Drug and Chemical Co. Attleboro, Massachussets and Brillion, Wisconsin.

"These Powders are prepared with great care from selected material, from the best medicines known to Farriery... They will give tone to the stomach, increase the appetite and purify the blood."

Recommended for the various diseases peculiar to Horses and Cattle, such as Distemper, Hide Bound, Loss of Appetite, Fistula, Poll Evil, Yellow water, Scratches, Founder, Rheumatism or Stiff Joints, Lung Fever, Skin Eruptions, Coughs, Colds, Worms, Pinkeye, Horse Ail, Thick Wind, Heaves, Roughness of the Hair, Etc., Etc.

Price. 50 Cents

W. 3″  Ht. 11″ 
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