Apothecary Cabinet - 48 Draw porcelain pulls


48 Drawer Apothecary

12 foot long and 8 foot tall apothecary ~ drug store cabinet.  Made circa 1870 and spent most of its career in a drug store in small Kansas town.  There are 48 drawers on the bottom part of the cabinet and all but three have their original porcelain pulls which describe what was housed in each drawer.....such exotic things as: SKUNK CABBAGE, WINTER GREEN, INDIAN TURNIP, BRIMSTONE, UNICORN ROOT, LIFE EVERLAST, GUM KINO, GUTTA PERCHA, EMERY FLOUR, BELLADONNA, BLUE SMALTS, CASSAR BARK, & WORMWOOD.  Oak cabinet is two piece and actually manageable to move when drawers are removed.  It is in original dry finish

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