Victor Company "Catalina" Television

This orange shperical television is labeled "Catalina" on the front behind the plastic screen. It was inspired by space helmets worn by astronauts in the 1960s. It has it's original antenna, plastic cover and chrome chain. The base is there but not attached.

It is a black and white television with a sharp and clear picture with good contrast. It works except for low volume, the tuner needs cleaning and it does not seem to work in UHF mode. The cord has been replaced. There are scratches in the screen which I believe would polish out and there is residue from masking tape on the front top. I choose not to try to remove it because I do not know what to use that will not damage the plastic, perhaps you do.

Molded in to the back is a label which says "Manufactured at Yokohama Plant, Victor Company of Japan." It also has a paper label, model number 122-2003 and serial number 14304662.

I have seen various other versions of this that are called JVC "Videosphere", model 3240.

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