Fairbanks Balance Beam Scale, Brass Pat. 1896

This is a nice original Fairbanks scale in as found condition. It comes in a hard leather carrying case, I understand that it was carried to measure the humidity of grains.

It bears the name "Fairbanks" in raised letters on the cast iron base and a stamped patent date of "MCH 3, 1896". I can find no model numbers or other marks.

The brass bar across has a sliding weight and it is marked in .01 OZ. increments from 0 to 1 OZ. It comes with two 2 pound weights, one 1 pound weight, two 8 OZ. weights, two 100 gram weights (not marked), one 50 gram weight and two twenty gram weights. The scale is 16-1/4" overall length, the base is 12-1/2" in length, and 10" high to the top of the pointer. It retains more than 80% of the original surface and is in good operable condition.

The case is 18" long by 8" deep by 11" tall. The leather is hard and dry and has a crease in the lower right corner but is in servicable condition. The latches work but I have no key.

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